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How Many Pantone Colors Are You Missing?


14 October 2019

New colors and old guides mean you could be missing out. Find your guide below to see if you 're missing color:

If you haven't upgraded your Pantone Guides and books for several years, your colors are no longer meeting full market demand nor are they reliably accurate.


Pantone guides and books are produced using the highest manufacturing standards. In each edition, we ensure:

  • Highly-regulated ink formula consistency
  • Printed on the most popular commercial-grade 100 lb and 80 lb text weight stocks
  • Carefully monitored for imperfections during the production process

However, our guides will not last forever. Due to handling, fading, and aging, your colors will appear inaccurate over time. That's why we recommend replacing your guides every 12 months, depending on your usage case and storage habits:

  • Handling = Smearing and removing pigment due to natural oils on fingertips
  • Pages rubbing together = Scratching or removing pigment
  • Light exposure = Fading
  • Paper aging = Yellowing effects
  • Ambient moisture = Accelerating paper aging
How Many Pantone Colors Are You Missing (Graphics)

Pantone recommends replacing guides and books every 12, as normal usage and exposure will render your colors inaccurate.


One of the biggest design frustrations is the circle of rework that goes into getting the right color. We've all been there. Why is it so challenging? There are many reasons, but an easy one is that your production partners are using old guides.

If your guide is new but your printer's guide is even just a few years older, then your colors will no longer accurately match, which can cause:

  • Miscommunication (ex: “Why can't they match my color?”)
  • Frustration (ex: “The Brand rejected the sample again.”)
  • Unnecessary reworks (ex: “We can't accept this sample, please resend…again”)
  • Cost in shipping approval samples (ex: “Please ship Priority Overnight, the final sample was due three weeks ago.”)
  • Loss of time (ex: “We're going to miss the launch date if the sample can't be approved.”)
  • Dissatisfaction (ex: “Ask the Brand if they can accept a Running Change.”)
  • And ultimately, Reluctant Acceptance (ex: “This is the best match possible.”)

So, if you use Pantone Products to specify or approve colors with your design or production partners, then you might want to encourage them to keep their guides up to date as well (e.g. buy them at the same time).


If you're concerned your production partners' guides aren't current then we recommend PANTONE Solid Chips always accompany artwork to ensure color accuracy.

Solid Chips are an excellent tool for color communication because:

  • When attached to artwork files, they instantly depict specific color expectation and intent
  • They are perfect for easily shipping and sharing
  • They give your printer a physical representation of the color to strive for on press
  • They are sold as multiple chips per color and are easy to replace when you need Chip Replacements for your Solid Chips Books.
How Many Pantone Colors Are You Missing (Graphics)

To ensure accuracy, Pantone also recommends chips from our PANTONE SOLID CHIPS Books should always accompany artwork as standards to strive for on press.


Illustrating the present and reading the future, Pantone proudly introduced another 294 new colors in September 2019 to give designers a greater range of expression and freedom. Having the right colors to choose from is essential when making design decisions. Now with a total of 2,161 market-driven solid Pantone Colors, image the creative possibilities!

Here's what can be found inside our updated series of global color communication tools:

  • A total 2,161 market-driven Solid PANTONE Colors.
  • Colors relevant and expected for contemporary packaging, created in collaboration with major brands.
  • Emphasis on specific color ranges derived from market requests—our community has asked us for colors and we're responding to meet those popular requests.
  • 294 new ways to power your creativity
  • Bring Color to Life, Digitally! Learn how Pantone® Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to take your physical Pantone colors into your digital workflow through Adobe® Creative Cloud (InDesign®, Photoshop®, and Illustrator®). LEARN MORE
How Many Pantone Colors Are You Missing (Graphics)

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