Introducing Pantone Connect

We are thrilled to launch Pantone Connect, our powerful new digital platform that’s accessible anywhere, with 15,000+ Pantone Colors, Color Capture Tools, Custom Palettes, and more.


To illustrate the power and versatility of Pantone Connect, we wanted to hear from the actual artists, designers, and creators it’s built for. So we teamed up with some of the most visionary artists in fashion, graphic design, and mixed media art.


Pantone Connect is a digital platform providing designers, producers, and brand managers exclusive access to over 15,000 Pantone Colors – every Pantone Color in every Pantone Library! Packed with helpful tools to build, share, and save smart palettes, Pantone Connect inspires creativity and ensures consistency and accuracy in branding, fashion, and product design. Most importantly, it’s now the only way to bring all your market-relevant, in-demand Pantone Colors into your design workflow for use in your Adobe® design programs.