Designer Spotlight: Shubhika Sharma, Papa Don't Preach


With the ever-changing work environment, designers need tools that are as flexible as they are – for color efficiency, accuracy, convenience, and efficiency. Designer Shubhika Sharma shares her experiences with one such tool: The Pantone FHI Paper Traveler

When Papa Don’t Preach Designer and Owner, Shubhika Sharma, discovered the Paper Traveler, she immediately knew how effective it would be to create a palette for their many lines.


“The Paper Traveler opening in an accordion format, allows us to see the entire color universe together. This enhances our interaction with colors at one go. The mask tool is a great help too, whilst the accordion format allows you to view all the colors together at one glance, this tool helps in isolating the hero shade/hue individually. What’s super about the traveler is all the new updated color library and the fact that it fits neatly into my bag like a handy diary!"



By seeing all the ranges of colors, such as all the pink at one time, the designers can easily identify the exact shade they had in mind and share that TPG (Textile Paper Green – and environmentally-friendly pigment) code to their suppliers seamlessly.

Papa Don’t Preach is a high street brand with a repertoire that spans across luxury pret, bridal couture, and western couture, alongside an award-winning vegan accessory line comprising of footwear, bags, and jewelry. The brand is known for its love for and fearless use of color and sees color as “our most authentic medium of expression for all that we create”. They have dressed celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Mindy Kaling, and Katy Perry on Vogue India, Kelly Mi Li, Jeana Turner and many more. Our collections aren’t restricted to a few colours, each season we design in a myriad of colours/ colour families.


“We are often asked ‘How you use so much color? You’re so brave.’, and we’re left surprised because for us the color is the very spark of every inspiration, it’s an emotion, is the only way we know how to express into reality, the wondrous inner world of Papa Don’t Preach.”



The Pantone FHI Paper Traveler has been created for product designers in all specialties from fashion accessories and cosmetics to home interiors and industrial product! This convenient booklet offers portable access to the complete 2,625 Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors that help makes creating color palettes easy and efficient. It’s perfect for design inspiration on the go!


Watch the video below to see more of Papa Don't Preach and how they use the Paper Traveler.