VIEWPOINT Color Issue 13 - Transformation (Pre-Order Now)


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A new era brings radical changes in manufacturing, sustainability, and automation.


In TRANSFORMATION, a new era brings radical changes in manufacturing, sustainability, and automation. Millennials and Gen Z are driving a whole new vibe, breaking free from traditional structures, craving experiences that bring joy. Let’s all escape the anxiety of today and embrace design that defies rules, where feeling is the new look, and color is used to deepen our connection to the world around us. The Winter 24/25 issue conveys a time for imagination, enchantment, and multiverse design that reshapes reality. Technology, especially AI, is both controversial and groundbreaking, influencing how color is developed, applied, and perceived, empowering designers, and sparking new creative frontiers. A new approach to color and design balances human ingenuity with the multiverse. Welcome to the era of TRANSFORMATION.

Edited by David Shah, VIEWPOINT COLOUR reflects current and future market conditions with an approach that aims to balance the informative and insightful with the inspirational and innovative. The content starts with the context behind each issue, then analysis of what is happening in the world of color. Current and future directional color is explored before moving on to a full presentation of the season’s palette. In the latter sections of our magazine we broaden our scope to investigate what's driving the world of art, interiors, and general design, as well as spotlighting the work of inspirational tastemakers.



  • 12.5” x 9.5” softcover on heavy weight paper stock
  • 168 pages



  • TRANSFORMATION: With ever growing blurred lines between human and inhuman agents and a moment of environmental instability, we are re-evaluating the past, navigating the present, and building towards a new world
  • COLOUR DIRECTIVES: What’s going up and what’s going down: our edit of the essential colors for the new season. The merchandising facts you need to know
  • VISION ON COLOUR: Our five palettes for A/W 24/25 featuring the inspiration behind our choices, the core shades and a major breakdown of mixes and harmonies
  • CITY COLOURSCAPES: A city-by-city perspective on what’s going on where in global color taste: Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Buenos Aires, Enugu, and Mumbai
  • Pantone’s Journey into AI: A personal story of Pantone’s experience with AI in the selection of its Color of the Year Viva Magenta
  • INTERIOR FOCUS: Modern Day Mystics: how Next-Gen re-imagining of folklore is shaping the future and a new sense of modern-day mysticism is emerging in interiors
  • ARTWORLD FOCUS: Visual stories made of artificial imaginative landscapes and intricately crafted installations explore psychedelic forms and materials as a space of creativity
  • DESIGNER PROFILE: We enter the mesmerizing and unapologetically avant-garde world of Elmo Mistiaen, a visionary who blurs the boundaries of fashion and technology



  • Contributions by artists and designers around the globe expose a global perspective to color
  • Short- and long-term color direction allows you to select your colors based on your planning cycle
  • Actionable color intelligence from global color trend experts gives you confidence to make critical color choices
  • Lifestyle color approach streamlines the color planning process
  • Enables you to begin your color planning with PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS colors