VIEWPOINT COLOUR Issue 11 - The Joy Issue (Pre-Order Now)


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Edited by Franklin Till, VIEWPOINT COLOUR takes a lifestyle approach to color providing a global perspective across design. Combining evocative visual inspiration with context VIEWPOINT COLOUR highlights in-depth analysis of the personality traits of emerging color stories, explaining why they are relevant, their color implementation and design application. Each issue highlights one overarching theme supported by visual imagery, material direction, and trend forecasts in Pantone colors. The latest color news, color psychology research, designer and artists spotlights and future design influences are also featured. VIEWPOINT COLOUR - celebrating the poetic qualities of color, and the inspiring, artistic and aesthetic power of color in design.

In The Joy Issue, we explore the joy of creativity, featuring creatives who design joy into their practices to spread positivity, optimism, and happiness. Generating joy has a domino effect; uplifting and inspiring maker and creative which then spreads to those who encounter their work, in turn influencing mental health, helping us achieve happiness and meaning, even acting as a powerful force for activism and change. Responding with determination to the current challenges of the past two years, designers, creatives, thinkers, and activists featured in this issue, illustrate how color, creativity and ingenuity go hand in hand to bring joyfulness. Recognizing that what constitutes a joyful life is as individual as every human being, we embrace a range of colors from muted pastels and shades redolent of the earth to a euphoric showcase of zingy hues imbued with youthful energy to super bright tones reminiscent of grunge. We hope this issue brings not only inspiration, but a sense of joy, and an openness to be bold and playful.

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  • 12.5” x 9.5” softcover on heavy weight paper stock
  • 176 pages



 All color information provided using PANTONE Color references

  •  The Joy Issue: Context of Re-discovering the Joy of Creativity, and its Positive Impacts on Life
  • Color Forecast 2023+: 4 Key Color Palettes – Dirty Pastels, Earth Rebel, New Wave (Y2K), Creative Grunge
  • Key Color Focus: Long Term and Directional Color Groupings
  • Pimp My Ride: Color/Material/Finish of Vehicle Surfaces of the Future
  • Fix Up: The Birth of Repair, the Move Towards Extended Product Life Over Newness
  • The Slum Studio: The Beauty and Joy of Remaking Discarded Garments
  • Woven Together: Joy of Making Through Emoji-Inspired Weaving
  • Spinning A Yarn: The Power and Pleasure of Textile Storytelling
  • Radio Blah Blah: Visual Essay Reflecting Creativity and Joy from a Platform for Younger Generation’s to discuss Climate Issues.
  • Creating New Realities: Purpose-led Design
  • The Talent: Profiles of Creatives who Imbue Joy, From a 3D designer, Vibrant Printmaker, Ceramist/Painter, to a Cake Artist, a Colorful Illustrator, and Knit and Crochet Maker.



  • Contributions by artists and designers around the globe expose a global perspective to color
  • Short- and long-term color direction allows you to select your colors based on your planning cycle
  • Actionable color intelligence from global color trend experts gives you confidence to make critical color choices
  • Lifestyle color approach streamlines the color planning process
  • Enables you to begin your color planning with PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS colors