VIEWPOINT Colour Issue 14 - Human Nature (Pre-Order Now)


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Explore the inspirational nature of our relationship with the natural world

In HUMAN NATURE we explore the inspirational nature of our relationship with the natural world and the colors that merge us with the animal kingdom. We embrace the golds and browns of fake animal skins and furs, the changeant shades of mollusks, crustaceans, and beetles, and the splendid brights of terrestrial birds. AI imagines an incongruously beautiful multi-colored world where man, nature, and machine all combine in new ways to live in harmony. Celebrating and respecting diversity and bio-inclusive culture, we recognize nature as a living entity fundamental to our survival and the importance of creating a harmonious collaboration with all life on earth.

VIEWPOINT COLOUR reflects current and future market conditions with an approach that aims to balance the informative and insightful with the inspirational and innovative. We carefully analyze consumer behavior, socio-economic developments, cultural trends, and lifestyle; we put color and design into perspective, confirm emerging directions, monitor, and reconfirm maturing ideas to arrive at sound conclusions and color and design strategies for decision-makers in the fields of textiles, fashion, beauty, graphics, architecture, interior and industrial design.


  • 12.5” x 9.5” softcover on heavy weight paper stock
  • 175 pages


All color information provided using PANTONE Color references

  • PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2024: Expressing the Central Values of our Time Through the Language of Color.
  • HUMAN NATURE: Our relationship to nature and interconnectedness with the natural world.
  • VISION ON COLOUR: Our five key themes featuring the inspiration behind our choices, visual imagery highlighting the color story, the core shades and a major breakdown of mixes and harmonies.
  • COLOUR DIRECTIVES: The Big Topics - what’s going up and what’s going down: our edit of the essential colors for the new season including a color mapping journey highlighting the evolution of these new color directions.
  • CITY COLOURSCAPES: A city-by-city perspective on what’s going on where in global color taste: Beijing, Florence, Paris, and San Francisco.
  • ARTWORLD FOCUS: Unveiling Mysticism and Resilience in the Caribbean explores the significant use of color in the Caribbean islands, highlighting visual artist Kevin Osepa.
  • PHOTOGRAPHER SPOTLIGHT: Empathy and Power reveals the dynamics between humans and animals through the lens of influential conservation photographer, Ami Vitale.


  • Contributions by artists and designers around the globe expose a global perspective to color
  • Short- and long-term color direction allows you to select your colors based on your planning cycle
  • Actionable color intelligence from global color trend experts gives you confidence to make critical color choices
  • Lifestyle color approach streamlines the color planning process
  • Enables you to begin your color planning with PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS colors