PANTONEVIEW HOME + INTERIORS 2025 with Cotton Swatch Standards (PRE-ORDER NOW)

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The everlasting search for harmony filters through into every aspect of our lives including our relationships, the work we do, our social connections and the natural environment that surrounds us. Harmony in color unifies all the disparate elements of a product or design and helps ensure the right mood is being set. While the paths to harmony are many, they all center around our desire for balance and unity in our surroundings and the feeling of peace and cohesiveness it engenders. As we continue to redefine our style of living, harmony has taken on greater importance for our physical and spiritual well-being. PANTONE VIEW home + interiors 2025 provides you with directional color and design compositions from eco-inspired greens, carefree blues, earthy browns, and nurturing neutrals to cutting edge brights, utopian pastels, atmospheric purples, and elegant night shades, to help you create the visual interest and synchronized harmonious tone you are seeking.



  • Bound 9” x 12” softcover book on heavy weight paper stock containing 7 trend palettes each supported with 10 pages of visual imagery, material and product direction, color harmonies and key trend influences and references.
  • 1” x 4” individual cotton swatch standards of each of the 63 forecasted colors separated by trend palette
  • Color pages highlighting key color direction by color family


  • 7 trend palettes supported by visual inspiration, written narrative, suggested color harmonies and key design references
  • Pivotal design influences are spotlighted, including materiality, key reference synopsis and a summary of key colors
  • Color combinations illustrate how palette colors can be mixed to create the trend mood
  • Color pages displaying forecasted colors in chromatic arrangement highlight key direction by color family
  • CMYK values for each of the 63 forecasted colors


  • Forecasted colors laid-out by color family, provide a quick color overview
  • Key color combinations illustrate how palette colors can be mixed and proportioned to create the mood and is one of the great strengths of PANTONEVIEW home + interiors.
  • Color, material, texture and pattern direction informs critical surface application, product development, and merchandising choices
  • Forecast displayed with PANTONE Colors facilitates color planning using the PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interior color language
  • CMYK print values for each forecasted color enables color matching for print applications
  • Strong visual imagery elevates and aids in the creation of internal story boards and presentations