PANTONEVIEW Home + Interiors 2023 Book


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PANTONEVIEW Home + Interiors 2023 Book

Emerge, Experience, Express


A new color vibration reflects a life affirming outlook with new creative realities.

Colors for home furnishings in 2023 entice us to engage with what we believe, what we love and what we want. Youthful, tech-inflected pastels and vivid brights radiating positivity encourage us to dive into life while warm neutrals and upbeat midtones further communicate their optimistic message in their quieter but nonetheless positive manner. Cool neutrals take on a celebratory aspect as shimmering metallics displaying undeniable notes of glamour and style. We are ready for good times and great feelings, and the colors we hunger for capture this wave of delight.




  • Wire bound 9” x 12” book containing 7 trend palettes each supported with 9 pages of visual imagery, material and product direction, color harmonies and consumer impact statements
  • Portable color card highlighting color direction by color family and key material influences
  • Still photo images are grouped by trend color palette on included USB drive




  • 7 trend palettes with a written narrative, supporting visuals, and key color descriptors of the trend
  • Each trend forecast contains 9 pages of imagery that brings the color story to life
  • Color combinations illustrate how palette colors can be mixed and proportioned to create the trend mood
  • Pivotal design influences are spotlighted, including materiality, form, consumer impact synopsis and a summary of key colors
  • Printed color card displays forecasted colors in chromatic arrangement by color family
  • CMYK values for each of the 67 forecasted colors




  • Portable color card of the colors featured in the book, laid-out by color family, provides a quick overview of color and key trend direction by color
  • Key color combinations illustrate how palette colors can be mixed and proportioned to create the mood and is one of the great strengths of PANTONEVIEW home + interiors.
  • Color, material, texture and pattern direction informs critical surface application, product development, and merchandising choices
  • Forecast displayed with PANTONE Colors facilitates color planning using the PANTONE Fashion, Home + Interior color language
  • CMYK print values for each forecasted color enables color matching for print applications
  • Strong visual imagery elevates and aids in the creation of internal story boards and presentations