Pastels & Neons Guide - Coated & Uncoated

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Expand the traditional spot color palette with 154 pastel and 56 neon specialty spot colors in the Pantone® Pastels and Neons Guide.

A single fan deck displaying 154 pastel and 56 neon colors printed on coated and uncoated paper stock.


Design more eye-catching visuals with contemporary, market-driven Pantone® pastels and neons. The Pantone® Pastels and Neons Guide features 154 pastel and 56 neon specialty spot colors in one convenient fan deck, printed on coated and uncoated paper stock. Clear color labeling, printed ink formulations, and an organizational index make it easy to compare, communicate, and maintain color consistency for projects like logos and branding, print and marketing materials, and packaging. Pantone® developed over 200 soft pastels and vibrant neons to broaden and complement the Pantone® Formula Guide and enrich your existing Pantone® color palettes.


  • 154 pastel and 56 neon specialty spot colors to broaden and complement the Formula Guide
  • Quickly select, communicate, compare, and control color
  • One compact fan deck for easy viewing and portability



  • Over 200 specialty spot colors (154 pastel and 56 neon)
  • Each color displayed with its corresponding number and ink formulation
  • Colors arranged pastels before neons, in chromatic format, with coated versions in front
  • Index in the back of the guide provides the numeric location for each color



  • Use for the design of logos and branding, marketing materials, packaging, and other print graphics applications
  • Broaden and complement the existing spot colors in Pantone’s Formula Guide
  • Colors available in most digital design software
  • Communicate consistent color throughout workflow and supply chain
  • Ink formulations help printers accurately achieve Pantone Spot Colors on printed materials
  • Bring Color to Life, Digitally – Learn how Pantone®Connect for Adobe® Creative Cloud® allows you to take your physical Pantone® colors into your digital workflow through Adobe® Creative Cloud® (InDesign®, Photoshop®, and Illustrator®).